Rabbi Mottel Gurevitz was born and raised in the vibrant Jewish community of Brooklyn, New York, home to the famed Lubavitcher Rebbe and Central Chabad Headquarters. From a young age, he was instilled with a deep appreciation for tradition and a strong sense of responsibility to his community, which instilled in him a sense of mission and purpose to share his love for Judaism with fellow Jews.

Mottel pursued his studies at Yeshivot in Brooklyn, Toronto, Israel, and Los Angeles, where he immersed himself in the rich traditions and teachings of the Jewish faith. Upon completing his studies, he was ordained at the Central Chabad Yeshiva in Brooklyn.

Throughout his years as a rabbinic student, Rabbi Mottel gained invaluable experience leading holiday programs, directing events, and teaching Torah classes. His passion for sharing the wisdom and beauty of Judaism led him to volunteer at Chabad centers across the globe, including Almere in Amsterdam, St. Thames, St. Maarten, and Bal Air, Maryland.


Mrs. Nechama Gurevitz was born and raised as a Chabad emissary in Portland, Oregon. Her parents, Rabbi Moshe and Devorah Wilhelm are directors of Chabad of Portland. When she was in grade 9, Nechama traveled to Brooklyn, New York to attend Beis Rivkah High School. After graduating, Nechama spent 2 years doing advanced studies in Safed, Israel.  She graduated with a teacher’s degree from Beth Rivka Division of Higher Learning.

Growing up in Portland, offered Nechama the opportunity to be involved in many Chabad programs and activities. Nechama has extensive experience with youth and adult programming. With her leadership and creativity, she has developed and coordinated a host of innovative community holiday programs and youth clubs activities.

Nechama has taught Hebrew School in New York, and Portland, and directed Camp Gan Israel for many summers.

In Novemeber of 2022, Mottel and Nechama (and their son Menachem) moved to
Port Coquitlam to bring their hopes and aspirations for enhancing Jewish life in the Tri-Cities and its neighboring areas. Rabbi Mottel & Nechama are passionate about Judaism and excited to work with YOU bringing the love and joy of Judaism to your hearts and family.

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